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About Michelle 

I’ve studied as well as professional trained in numerous healing modalities, teachings and techniques over the past 30 years. I have a unique skill set that goes beyond the norm in Energy Healing. 

My favorite genres are Energy Healing Bodywork, Symbolic Meanings (root causes of energetic disruptions in body and life), Soul Healing Alchemy, Chinese Elements, Shadow and Archetype Work. I’m able to clear and balance all stuck Energy in the body, both emotionally and physically together in a session. I also offer wise guidance with dealing with health and life challenges. Intuitively “know” what the client needs to work on that would be most beneficial for wellness. I offer simple, yet very tangible guidance.

I revere the Healing Arts with deep respect and integrity.  

Finally,  I grew up  having high anxiety,  low self-esteem, when entering adulthood I was a mess.  As a young adult, my unhealed emotional issues manifested into emotional, health and weight problems. 

When my first child was born with severe neurological, physical and emotional issues (he’s fine now), my Healing Arts passion was born! I'm a Wood Element in Chinese Medicine.  So, I went to work (chop, chop is Wood's motto) on healing my THEN disabled son and myself! Today, I'm calm, balanced and thriving! 

I live in Beautiful Harveys Lake, Pa with my husband Vince of 33 years and 2 dogs. We have 3 adult children, 2  grandchildren. 

I love anything outdoors, travel, renovating and building homes! 

Much Love, Michelle 

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