Everything is Energy! Do the spaces you spent time in nurture or deplete your Energy? Your home is an extension of your Energy. Michelle has been building, designing & decorating homes for 28 years! 15 years ago Michelle blended her love for healing & and design and became a Licensed Realtor. Over the years she trained/studied in Sacred Spaces, Home Staging & Fung Shui. Michelle actually read the book "Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo when it was first published in 2015!


Selling your property? 

Michelle specializes in helping you see the property from the buyer's perspective: she will give you simple guidance to increase the sale of your home!

 Overwhelmed with too much stuff? Michelle has great techniques to simplify the process. She also guides you based on your Chinese Primary Element! 


Earth Elements are very sentimental and will need to keep more items than usual. They need a bit more time to de-clutter.

Wood Elements will get right to work and plow threw their stuff.

Metal Elements will need to be super meticulous and organized during the pairing down process.

Fire Elements will go into panic! They need extra CALM words and guidance of encouragement. They tend to get overwhelmed more so than the other Elements

Water Elements need to deeply think about things and move steadily.


Consulting Rates

*Typical Local Home & Business Consultations  

Option 1: $150 (1.5 hr) on-site Consultation. 

Option 2: $100 (1 hr) Phone Consultation 

(client can send pictures prior to session)


Option 3: Local hands-on help de-cluttering and/or staging/optimizing the space

$275 (3 hrs)

$500 (6 hrs)

Call for a custom package quote. 

Multi date rate discounts are available

*Local within 20 miles from Harveys Lake

Additional travel time fee's for further, call for a quote

*"Personal Safety Precautions" 

will be taken for all on-site sessions.

50% deposit due at scheduling, remainder due the day of service. 

* State and Federal Background Clearances

Pa Realtor Licence # RS306500

of Garrity Realty, Harveys Lake


A recent post on our Garrity Real Estate Facebook Page"

"Many put off selling their homes because they are “overwhelmed with all stuff” they have acquired over the years. We REALLY get that! Did you know Michelle Harris of Garrity Realty is also a Master Energy Healing Practitioner, Feng Shui: Home & Business Energy Consulting, and Life Coach? On Saturday, Michelle went to her seller’s house to help her downsize her stuff so the house could show better. This super-sweet seller is Earth Element in Chinese Medicine; Earths are the collectors of all things sentimental. She has a lot of Fire Energy too making her more emotional to attachments. We first had a chat on a plan of action that she would” feel the most comfortable” with. We decided to pack up the things she absolutely “LOVED” and put them in storage; a safe place. After a few hours, we were able to take about 15 loving packed boxes to storage! She even started a garage sale pile! Wow! She rocked it! The few rooms we parred down look much, more open and less personalized. Buyers need to enter spaces and envision themselves in the space. Yes, you can have personal items around when selling your home, but you want to be sure to reduce as much stuff as possible and see it more from the perspective of a business decision, helping your house will sell faster and for more money. Finally, another thing to consider is -if pack up as much as you can before it goes under contract, it less stuff you have to deal with you are ready to move. 

Please feel free to connect with Michelle if you have any questions or wish to have a no-obligation chat! She loves the Energy Psychology, helping buyers and sellers move on to the next stage of life!"  Michelle 

Join us for classes that match every level of experience.


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